Access Control

Access Control Systems & Solutions

All Round Security Limited can supply and install an access control system that is tailored to suit just about any budget. Whether you need a multi-door, multi-floor system for controlling foot traffic for an entire workforce or just a single door solution for a retail store.  Also suitable for domestic properties providing an additional level of protection for the more vulnerable.

Our access control services include:

  • Mechanical code locks
  • Electronic keypads
  • Proximity systems
  • Secure access systems
  • Video entry
  • All related ancillary products

Why Use Access

Control Systems?

Access control is becoming an increasingly popular form of security for both commercial and domestic property owners, providing security against intrusion, unauthorised access and crime. They are ideal for use in the protection of children or the elderly, as shown by their common usage in schools, nursing homes and nurseries where unauthorised access can pose a risk to people’s safety.

Mechanical Code Locks

Mechanical code locks are the most basic form of access control we offer to our clients. This form of access control is incredibly popular in areas of the commercial sector for access to offices, store rooms or even cupboards. They are controlled by a simple code which controls the locking mechanism and allows those who enter the code access to open the locked door. This is normally a medium security system which is reliant upon the code, although the code can be changed if you feel security may be compromised.

Electronic Key Pads

Electronic key pads, similar to mechanical code locks but electronic, offer the same level of security as the above but the technology is more advanced. Electronic key pads are a popular access system in hotels to prevent unauthorised access by guests and generally in the commercial sector. They can be used both as an internal and external access system for security and again the codes can be changed. You can also have multiple key pads on multiple doors with different codes so that you can vary who has access to what doors, especially in an environment like a hotel.

Proximity Systems

These access control systems are common in office buildings, usually a key card or fob system and each person is issued with their own fob or key card to gain access. However, the cards and fobs are controlled by a computer and can be cancelled if someone either loses their access key card or fob or perhaps if they leave the business and fail to return the fob or key card.


At All Round Security we can offer a wide range of access control system at all levels of security dependent upon your requirements. We can put together a great security package for you and give you a no obligation quote on giving you the best access control system for you.

Contact us on 01844 291 561 or email to make an appointment for a free survey or to discuss your requirements.Our access control services include: